Metallurgy and palaeontology. The Jince municipality had a meeting about Barbora.

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Metallurgy and palaeontology. The Jince municipality had a meeting about Barbora.
Metallurgy and palaeontology. The Jince municipality had a meeting about Barbora.


Despite of the current complicated epidemiological situation, most of the investment actions are going on. This was reflected also in the program of the local municipality in Jince which was held on 15th February 2021.


The reconstruction of the Barbora furnace was one of the main topics of the program. From this reason, MVDr. Luboš Gardoň from the National Geopark Barrandien took part in the meeting, too.  He presented the future of this charcoal furnace. He informed about the effort to save this historically valuable building which has been going on since 60´s of the last century.

In the interior of the main building, four permanent expositions are planned. The first one shall concern the furnace Barbora itself, including the 3 D visualisation of its used-to-be operation.  The second exposition will present to visitors the life of the violinist Josefa Slavík and the third exposition will focus on the beauties of the nature in Brdy highlands. One part shall alsoc introduce the National Geopark Barrandien including the history of our Planet.

These topics will be presented also in the exterior of the furnace, alongside the Litavka stream. There will be situated objects connected with the metallurgy and palaeontology – for example the visitors will be able to try to extract fossils by means of geological little hammer. 

In an adjacent building, there will be space for cultural events and social and free-time activities and next to the railway, there will be an open amphitheatre.

The current budget is  about  38 mio CZK, of which the building part amounts to 24 mio CZK.

The websites, administrated by the Small Town represented by Irena Ungrova, has been established with the purpose of promotion of the Barbora furnace. Mrs. Ungrova also significantly contributed to the including of the Barbora reconstruction into the project My Country on the Way of Transformation - The Story of Homeland 2020 -2021 where the furnace reconstruction could be supported by votes of its sympathizers. 

The municipality approved the partnership contract with the company Ecological centre of Orlov and the contract with the Norwegian company Fjellugla Kompetanse AS represented by Per Halvorsenem whose future business trips to Jince are anticipated during next three years.  

Beside the foreign partner, following partners take part in the project:  the Ministry of Culture, the Small Town Jince, the Ecological Centre of Orlov, the Central – Bohemian District and the Mining Museum Příbram. The reconstruction of Barbora furnace is already getting concrete contours and future visitors, tourists, school excursions and family collectives can look forward to the opening.  

Miroslav Maršálek

23.02.2021 (11:45:07) Internet Úřad Jince





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