Městys Jince
Městys Jince

Jince got a donation for the reconstruction of the blast furnace Barbora, there will be a museum in it

The small town Jince has got a donation amounting to 2.88 million CZK for the reconstruction of the blast furnace Barbora. The works on its rescue has already started. After the reconstruction, there will be a museum exposition and in the compound a space for summer cultural events.

The blast furnace Barbora was bought by the municipality in a dilapidated state from a private owner 2 years ago. This significant technical monument was close to a collapse. The roof of the furnace is being reconstructed at present which will stop further decay.

„The object needs a vast reconstruction which is divided into separate stages. The first stage is already finished. A scaffold was built around the whole building so that the upper part of the furnace which was in a particularly bad state, could be built-up. We have finished the repair of a small tower and at present we are repairing the western part of the roof which was vastly damaged, “the mayor Josef Hála says, adding: „At the same time the project for façade and setting the doors and windows is elaborated. “

The reconstruction of the furnace will be money demanding, the donation of 2.88 million CZK was given by the Central Bohemia district. „We are waiting for another donation from the Ministry of Culture amounting to 300 thousand CZK. The rest will be settled from our own sources. The roof repair itself will cost four million CZK, “Mr. Hála explains.

„We would like to have a museum exposition here, together with a space for summer cultural events, as for example Jince festivities. We want to rescue this object also because of tourism. Aside of 17- km nature trail which goes cross three neighbouring villages, we have almost nothing here, “the mayor stated. According to his opinion, the furnace will follow the Mining Museum in Pribram where the lead was mined. In Jince, iron was mined and melted.

According to the information of the town hall, there will be also trilobite’s exposition from the Jince deposits and commemoration of the life and works of famous violinist and composer Josef Slavik who was born in Jince.

The activities from the Sokol Garden will be transferred here so that the Garden could be used only for sports. There will be also children days and the actions of fishermen and gamekeepers.

„There were only two such furnaces in Europe. The second one is in France. But in France only furnace itself is preserved, in Jince we have also adjacent buildings, “ Josef Hála added.

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Městys Jince


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